Direct Marketing: Business & Consumer Databases

At Advantage Advertising, we do not believe in a silver bullet. We prefer the silver buckshot method. There is not "one" single solution, it takes a range of mediums to reach your buying audience in today's world. For instance, most people check their mailboxes daily, and yes, they will actually read their mail. Statistics reveal that direct mail pieces are not dead (click here to read a Huffington Post article), but typically you will want to couple direct mail marketing pieces with an e-blast, a digital banner strategically placed using behavioral targeting, some newspaper ads, and some radio advertisements to saturate the market fully. It boils down to this: Can you afford to miss even one potential buyer?

What is DIRECT MARKETING? It is taking your message or product directly to the recipient or consumer that you are trying to reach.


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Business Lists

U.S. & Canadian Businesses
Brand New Businesses
Big Businesses
Small Business Owners

Consumer Lists

New Movers
New Homeowners
Bankruptcy Filers


By Title
By Business Type
By Name & Ethnicity
Professionals - Doctors, Dentists, etc

These databases can be filtered to your target audience with selects intended to pinpoint your customers: through the use of Specialties, Number of Employees, Age, Gender, Geography, Title, Type, Ethnicity and many more. Whether you are implementing a Direct Mail Campaign or planning an Email Marketing Campaign or both, we can help you capture the audience you need. Call us today or send a Request Information form and we will call you or email you to discuss all the parameters. We will work out a plan that both fits your budget and reaches your target audience with the best possible returns on your investment.

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